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This is Readmore Books.

Readmore comes from a long line of adventurous dogs.
 His grandfather, Seemore Books (that's him on the right), came to the U.S. to find new books to read, after finishing all the stories in his native England.
Seemore passed on his love of books to his son, who travelled the world in search of great stories.
Now, it's Readmore's turn.
He wants to read all the great stories, and share them with everyone.  So he and his friend Miss Nikki, the Literature Lady, are ready to read to your kids!
Seemore Books
If you are looking for a great storyteller for your birthday party, classroom or special event, Miss Nikki and Readmore are a hit with children of all ages!  As a busy parent, I was able to sit back and relax at my son’s birthday party while our guests were truly enchanted by Miss Nikki’s style of interactive storytelling.
Yvette Reyna, M.A.
Executive Director, Judson Education Foundation
Judson ISD Business Partnerships Coordinator
Photo courtesy of Goodwill San Antonio

If you 'd like to meet Readmore Books,
please contact Miss Nikki today!

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