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A selection of stills from Nikki's film and television projects.

Nikki as Mrs. Veliz in Deception of Death.
Still courtesy of Mr. E Films.

Nikki in Art Is Luminaria.
Photo by Lee Hurtado.
Nikki in her debut as An Affair of the Art contributor on KENS 5's Great Day SA.
Photo by Taylor James Johnson.
Nikki as Maggie Tyler in VOSOT.
Photo courtesy of Not So Sane Entertainment.
Nikki gets animated!  A production still of Lynda Sanchez, Nikki's character in Sign Trainer.
Photo courtesy of Lone Bannana Productions.
Nikki as Brenda Parsons, with Rick Carrillo and Gabi Walker in Four Minutes Till The End.
Photo courtesy of Film Classics Productions.

Nikki as Kiki Garza, with Marc Daratt in Dream Healing.
Photo by Hank Haynes.
Nikki as Felicia Witherspoon in I Do Adore Cream Corn.
Photo courtesy of Eyewash Pictures.
Nikki in Vaya Con Dios...
Photo courtesy of Left Foot Red Productions.

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